WellView Barrier Schematic

WellView Barrier Schematic

The WellView Barrier Schematic allows you to quickly illustrate well barriers by using existing data in the WellView database or generate barriers without underlying data in the tool’s Designer Mode.

This add-in quickly visualizes barrier philosophy and provides a user-friendly interface to easily present the status of well barrier elements. It is an offshore and onshore drawing tool that is available on the Peloton Platform.

  • Uses components that already exist as part of the well planning, construction, operational, and abandonment history in WellView. Avoids duplicate data.
  • Stores records by date to display how components change over time.
  • Provides a standardized view of the data. A PDF of the results can be generated.
  • Incorporates the integrity status to give a basis for risk assessment at the point of operational handover.
  • Aligns with regulatory requirements.
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