WellView Allez

Stop typing. Start importing.

Introducing WellView Allez!

The world has changed and WellView is changing with it. WellView Allez is the evolution of WellView on the Peloton Platform.

This new innovative and intuitive interface provides a completely new experience for users.  Multiple reports, schematics, and timetracks (or any combination) appear side by side. Think of it as your single well dashboard.

  • Configurable workflows guide users through import, data entry, and data QC (audit). The user is informed of the functionality and stepped through the process. The relevant import tools or audit appear directly from Allez.
  • Based on your screen size, you can open as many templates as you like. No more jumping tab to tab or folder to folder. Imagine a Cement and Daily Drilling Report side by side, or a vertical and directional schematic template with different wellbores open at the same time.
  • The workflow also opens pertinent report, schematic, and timeline templates so users can immediately visualize the results.


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