Carbon Tracking

ProdView Carbon Tracking Data

Part of Peloton’s Production Data Lifecycle operating on the Peloton Platform, ProdView is the most comprehensive production and operations data management system available.

The Peloton Operations Center provides direct access to your emissions and carbon tracking data to get a clear overview of your GHG data and report on that data to regulators.

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Data Capture Dashboard

Emissions Dashboard

  • Visualize and analyze volumes, tonnes and intensity with the emissions dashboard.
  • Filter by user-defined hierarchical preference.
  • Convert on the fly between gas volume, methane or CO2.
Emission Workflow Tools for carbon tracking data

Data Capture

  • Capture data automatically from SCADA, easy mobile entry, or defined calculations.
Emissions dashboard

Forms and Tasks

  • Manage HSE and emission workflows such as scheduled inspections with Peloton Tasks.
  • Track inspections or emissions-related data with customizable Peloton Forms.
  • Report emission volumes on regulatory forms including the ONRR OGORs, TX PR, NM C-115B, WY Blowdown/Venting report, C-129 and AER.
Proview FFV report
venting/flaring report
FFV view


  • Track all fuel, flare and venting events.
  • Monitor blowdowns, routine repairs and emergency maintenance

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