Peloton Map

Peloton Map

Peloton Map is our latest web application, and it is a fully functional GIS application that completely integrates and displays your operational data on a map for viewing and analysis. Peloton Map uses our GeoMapper tool to automatically convert legal land descriptions into geospatial polygons, lines and points against all North American survey systems. The GeoMapper utilizes our internal Peloton Grid, and the application is based on Esri’s ArcGIS. 

Use the GeoMapper to automatically generate geo-spatial polygons down to the aliquot/quarter call.


    • Take advantage of the proprietary Peloton Grid or connect to your own
    • Use feature creation, editing and markup tools
    • Apply advanced visualization layers
    • Use advanced spatial analysis
    • Perform legacy comparisons to historic or pre-existing shapes, simplifying data conversions
    • Connect to your in-house ArcGIS Online/Portal/Enterprise account for seamless integration with existing GIS feature classes, layers and web maps 
    • Utilize Peloton support and training
    • Easy implementation
    • Feature linking & bulk upload
    • Geographic drill-down and filtering
    • Type-ahead geographic search
    • Large collection of thematic layers
    • Quality control layers
    • Layer visibility control
    • Creation of temporary markup
    • Use of published web maps
    • Customizable popups
    • Custom print services with map templates and sizes


      • Single sign-on between LandView and Map
      • Shared web services for consistent user experience
      • Real time updates of features in Map when lands change in LandView
      • Configurable to use any survey grid service endpoints
      • All North American survey systems supported and expandable on demand to accommodate international
      • Info pane in Map to display live data from LandView
      • Create & edit features using Map tools or ArcGIS Pro
      • Launch Map directly from LandView or launch LandView directly from Map
      • Access all your LandView query results and data in Map

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