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WellView is a complete corporate well file, tracking all changes and operations throughout the well’s lifecycle—from planning to abandonment. With its powerful schematics, clear reporting and robust analysis tools, WellView puts information in the hands of the people who need it, at the moment they need it.

WellView is part of an integrated well data lifecycle analysis and visualization solution.


Peloton started developing WellView in 1991, with a focus on making well production operations and schematic well history easier to analyze and monitor. To further complete the lifecycle of a well, we then expanded WellView for drilling data management in 1997, further expanded to geological in 2005, and incorporated well integrity in 2014. 

The world has changed and WellView has changed with it. WellView Allez is the evolution of WellView on the Peloton Platform. This new innovative and intuitive interface provides a completely new experience for users.  Multiple reports, schematics, and timetracks (or any combination) appear side by side. Think of it as your single well dashboard.


How does WellView differ from morning reporting software?

Peloton's WellView improves field data entry, data quality, access to data and integration to third party or internal databases and software. Crucial information is available to the people who need it most. From well planning to abandonment, WellView monitors and tracks all changes and operations throughout the well's lifecycle.

WellView makes it possible for managers to quickly review summary reports and operational status. Engineers can review detailed well file information and make better-informed decisions, and field personnel can report changes and activities as well as access valuable well history and proposals on site.

From researching offsets to analyzing equipment failures, WellView's rich data, coupled with its easy field data capture, enables your organization to work faster and smarter, saving valuable time, money and human effort.

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