Shared Scheduling

Rig Management Software

RigView Schedule Information at a Glance

The Rig Schedule visualizer provides a powerful viewer and organizer of your rig jobs.

  • Quickly jump to the current day.
  • Identify information such as the job status or well configuration by the colors on the schedule.
  • Customize the display with templates to show specific information for different groups.
  • Quickly make changes by dragging and dropping jobs to a new date.
  • Link jobs to a predecessor so one job cannot start until a previous job completes.
  • Double-click a job to quickly edit the information.
  • Change the duration scenarios between minimum time, most likely and maximum.
  • Identify and fix scheduling conflicts.
  • List unassigned rigs and easily assign to a job.
  • View job metrics, such as the change in costs or completed jobs.

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