Data Analysis

RigView Data Analysis

RigView provides many tools for you to analyze your data, including the following:

  • Reports (single and multi-rig)
  • Schedule visualizer
  • Export to Excel templates
  • Summary add-ins


RigView is equipped with a wide range of standard reports. In addition to our prepared output, you can do the following:

  • Customize RigView reports to meet specific needs and easily share report templates between users
  • Create ad hoc reports
  • Access the data editor directly from the report
  • Report for single or multiple rigs
  • Include RigView calculations in your templates (hundreds of calculated values/KPIs are available)
  • Add images from attachments
  • Create an Excel template directly to use such features as pivot tables and graphs


The RigView schedule displays the current status of any jobs on the rig. You can customize the view of the schedule for different job functions.

Viewing Metrics

The Metrics tab allows you to view a defined date range for calculating schedule metrics. You can configure which calculations appear, for example, target gas rate, rig count, or jobs remaining. The rig metrics compare the starting baseline of values from the last save to the latest changes.

The job metrics provide the following calculations, which show the changes since you last saved the schedule.

Metric: The list of calculations that you select to display.

Original: The starting value of the schedule. When you first start the Metrics, the original values are equal to the current values.

Current: As jobs are moved around on the schedule, the new value is shown. You can choose to save the changes or revert back to the original state.

Change: The difference between the original and current values.

% Change: The percent change between the original values and the current values.


The report engine in RigView allows you to pass data to Excel templates right within the application, allowing users to leverage Excel for analysis—using pivot tables, graphs, math functions, etc.

It is possible to connect third party visualizers to the RigView database. For optimal performance, access to calculated values and units of choice connect the analysis tool to the data warehouse.

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