Critical components of the Peloton MasterView solution include the MasterView Report Server and the Software Development Kit (SDK), providing a report server and SDK for read-only access to customized WellView, RigView, SiteView and ProdView single entity and multi-entity reports.


The MasterView Report Server solution allows on demand creation of Peloton reports using existing report templates, and makes the read-only data accessible anywhere it’s needed, including websites, enterprise portals, dashboards and other automated processes.


  • Easy to use SDK allowing dynamic report creation (e.g. web sites, portals and email processes).
  • Leverage existing single and multi report templates. Including schematics, graphing, attachments, external blocks.
  • Allows for creation of automatic report update processes as your data changes.
  • Fast access to data from cached reports if data has not changed.
  • Uses your existing single entity and multi entities report templates from the Peloton application.
  • Extensive reporting without affecting transaction system

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