Peloton’s MasterView is a comprehensive data management solution for drilling and well operations. Included in MasterView are tools and applications for editing, gathering, monitoring, and reporting on data.


Throughout the well lifecycle, a multitude of information is produced to track its quality, health, and status. Without a tool in place to process this torrent of data, reporting and consolidation is handled manually, which often leads to delays and errors. 

In order to overcome these issues, MasterView acts as your corporate database for drilling and well operations data, seamlessly connecting the data between Peloton applications and external products. Consolidating data between programs that depend on one another gives your users a deeper, more complete view of the well lifecycle across all stages.

MasterView uses robust and proven technology to ensure that all of the back-end components of Peloton software work and scale as expected.


  • MasterView overcomes the challenges associated with the coordination of data from two different environments by automatically reconciling and promoting data recorded in two or more programs. This ensures that disconnected users are working with and receiving the most up-to-date, consistent project information possible. 


Alerts and Integration Objects provide complete and accurate data on an ongoing basis. They offer a powerful and flexible way to automate workflow by reconciling data between multiple software environments.


MasterView® uses the same proven DBMS-level security model developed for WellView, RigView, SiteView and ProdView. Security is consistent for all MasterView applications and can be administered using only one set of database credentials. Different corporate organizations can manage MasterView security collectively for all applications or for each application individually. MasterView security is also incorporated into the MasterView integration development tools to ensure reliable, uncompromised security for developers.


Data accuracy and integration

  • Reduced programming time
  • Peloton support and training
  • Enhanced protection of development investments
  • Custom integration setups
  • Re-usable development skills for all Peloton products
  • DBMS independence—Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Sever Compact
  • Easy implementation

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