Well Life Simulations

WellMaster RMS combines industry data and your operational history for an exact and accurate simulation of future well life.

  • Predict Well Availability
  • Identify Downtime Drivers
  • Predict Well Interventions
  • Well Survival Probability
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Modeling
  • Well Life Simulations


Peloton provides software solutions for well integrity and well reliability management. Peloton WRMS (WellMaster Reliability Management System) is a user-friendly interface that empowers oil and gas operators across the globe with well equipment analytics and industry data. The system contains one of the worlds’ largest databases of reliability data for Wells and Subsea equipment.


  • Benchmark Equipment Performance
  • ISO 14224 Standard
  • Reliability and Failure Rate Analysis
  • Failure Mode and Failure Cause Analysis
  • Global Data Sharing
  • Structured Equipment and Failure Data Across Company

The Peloton Platform

Accessible anywhere, anytime

The SaaS-based Peloton Platform allows oil and gas operators to view and manage vital operational data across three solution areas integrated into one fully hosted platform. Developed in partnership with Microsoft's Azure technology, this customizable platform delivers a seamless user experience to help organizations achieve maximum value from Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle, and Land Data Management Solutions.

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