Renewable Energy

Peloton Platform Renewable Energy

LandView® and Peloton Map® join forces to give energy organizations the tools to manage land agreements at scale.


  • Track agreements on private or public land
  • Manage construction, MET (wind measurement) towers, overhang and transmission easements
  • Oversee standard and unique project obligations
  • Create workflows for production-based royalty scenarios
  • Manage power purchase agreements, interconnect agreements and tax incentives
  • Intuitive surface title and ownership workflows
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  • Integrated landowner communications and stakeholder management
  • Project management tools
  • Fully integrated mapping and geospatial visualization with a growing library of Public Data Layers
  • Support of global agreements and jurisdictions
  • Onshore and offshore
  • Scalable for different environments
  • Utilize software for complex renewable energy projects

Use LandView to manage:

       Title Chain

      Payments and obligations calendars

 Environmental due diligence

     Surface and mineral rights



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