The Peloton Platform allows you to know your world better by enabling access to everything possible at any time. Concentrate on driving business agility and streamlining your operations, all while reducing costs.

Web Applications:

  • All platform applications are easily accessible using an internet connection that requires no local installation.
  • Access is available from any location at any time (on or off the corporate network) while maintaining robust security protocols.

 Disconnected Users:

  • Local installation of software allows disconnected remote users to capture information and synchronize data to the platform.
  • Enhanced Synchronization enables the complete maintenance of disconnected applications and databases plus the two-way transfer of data to and from the field—ensuring that all users are working with and receiving the most up-to-date, consistent project information possible.
  • Disconnected users can leverage the security and configuration of the platform administration.

 Admin Portal:

  • Manages users and respective security permissions to all Platform applications and data using a single interface
  • Supports integration to current SSO services
  • Provides access to service logs and disconnected application install packages

Automated Report Distribution:

The Automated Report Distribution utility is a Peloton Platform Service with a single interface to manage dissemination of reports.

  • Provides notifications to administrators of report status and delivery
  • Leverages distribution lists, reports, and query templates for easy scaling
  • Also distributes Microsoft Excel templates




  • Seamless access and transfer of information using commercial Peloton integration
  • 3rd party commercial integration
  • Integration to any other system using Peloton’s Platform API


Mobile Reporting:

Mobile reporting provides on demand delivery at your fingertips for all your well and production data.

The Peloton Go mobile app gives a daily management summary of WellView and ProdView data on your iPhone.

Highlights include:

  • Accessibility of well information in list format or on a map
  • Ability to view Key Performance Indicators (safety, cost, daily summary) on demand
  • Monitoring of oil, gas, and water production

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