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Peloton ReViews

Winter 2022 Review,  
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  • Peloton Celebrates 30 Years
  • WellView Allez v12 Data Model
  • Peloton Operations Center
  • Peloton's SOC Report Update
  • Well Reliability and Beyond: Turning Failures into Success
  • Automating AER DDS Submission with Peloton Frac
  • 2022 User Group Conference Information
Spring/summer 2020 Review,  
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  • WellView Allez
  • Peloton Go
  • Peloton Water
  • Data Loading
  • ProdView Flow Network Diagram
  • WellView LandView Integration
  • Marketing Resources Available
  • Peloton Acquires ExproSoft
  • Peloton Platform News
Spring 2019 Review,  
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  • WellView to WellView Data Exchange
  • Technical Papers & Case Studies
  • Peloton SaaS
  • ProdView Go
  • Modeling a Site in SiteView
  • Peloton Map
  • 2019 User Group Conference Information
  • Industry Conferences
Winter/Spring 2018 ReView,  
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  • WellView 10.3: Drilling Parameter Automation & Sensor Data Analysis
  • Introducing Peloton SaaS
  • Tech Tips: Copying Default Field Groups
  • LandView & GIS
  • Held by Production (HBP)
Winter 2017 Review,  
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  • Peloton Announces LandView, the Newest Addition to our Integrated Well Lifecycle
  • New Auditor Features
  • Peloton Technical Papers & Case Studies
Winter 2016 ReView,  
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  • AppFrame 4.2 Arrives
  • WellView 10.1 Makes its Debut
  • ProdView for Allocation and Regulatory Reporting
  • MasterView Data Warehouse 4.2: Efficiency, Robustness and Performance
  • Well Lifecycle Integration

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