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From the moment your organization decides to implement our processes, Peloton’s technical team is on deck, helping you optimize your use of MasterView, WellView, RigView, SiteView ProdView and LandView to increase efficiency, integrate existing platforms and maximize your capabilities. With rich experience in both industry and IT systems, our advisers work seamlessly with your team to implement a solution that is tailored to your existing processes and systems environment. We conduct a comprehensive review of your requirements, provide regular status reporting, and work with your team through successful completion. 

Whether it’s a large system implementation or a small-scale customization, our technical experts act as your trusted partners, guiding you through every step of the process.


Data conversion – Seamlessly integrate your existing data, regardless of your data format (spreadsheet format, output from an in-house system, or the database from the system being replaced). Our experts analyze and evaluate your data, recommending what should be kept, altered, or discarded. The clean data is then imported into the Peloton product, empowering your staff to be productive from the start with no loss in data fidelity.

Implementation Expertise – Peloton’s technical advisers have overseen hundreds of successful implementations across diverse and changing environment systems. Our team will assist with the successful end-to-end implementation of Peloton software solutions into your organization, ensuring your personnel are able to begin using them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Installation (standard and custom) – We are able to assist in the installation of your Peloton software, including any required work with communications or security.

Configuration (Reports, UDL, Library) – Our products are customizable by design, and can be configured to fit your specific requirements. Our technical team will provide you with the necessary direction required to best tailor our software solutions to your current business processes.


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Energi Consulting Indonesia (ECI) is Peloton’s business partner, and serves as the Asia Pacific regional office for all Peloton products, providing local support and global well data migration services.

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Readiness Assessments

Readiness Assessments are available from Peloton, and will analyze how effectively you are utilizing Peloton software solutions. This service will allow us to do a review of your setup and utilization to provide valuable feedback, so that you can realize the full potential of Peloton's products.

The service will include analysis of the following areas:

  • Current Environment Installation and Configuration
  • User Defined Layer (UDL)
  • Report Configuration
  • Security Setup
  • Database Alerts and Triggers
  • Data Model Statistics
  • Third Party Integration
  • Add-ins

After a thorough analysis, Peloton will provide a complete written evaluation of our findings, plus documented recommendations and suggestions on how to improve your current usage, environment and workflows. To learn more about this service, please submit a request below.

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