A noteworthy feature in WellView is the drawn-from-data schematic. The schematic is built from the downhole and surface equipment details entered into the database, including depths, lengths, diameters and dates. The result is a visual overview of each well, with a myriad of options to customize the display.

The schematic is integrated with the data, not a separate drawing tool. All users can have access to the most up to date details as well as the history. The schematic provides an excellent QA tool to check the underlying data. Missing and inaccurate details are highlighted in the drawing.

The schematic has configurable templates. Enter the data once, and use the templates to present in different ways for different types of users, such as geology, drilling, completions, production and well servicing.


Configurable displays can show the following:

  • Directional views show the orientation of the well, drawn directly from the survey data.
  • Failure records can be linked to the failed component(s). Icons for the failed item are visible in the schematic.

Well barrier envelopes can be displayed to visually monitor changes to the barrier state over time.

Interactive 3D Wellbore Selector

Schematic images can be incorporated into reports.

WV7_barriers (1)

ArcGIS Basemaps from Esri

WellView includes a multi well map visualizer. The map displays an Esri base layer, on which several views are available:

  • Well status
  • Well integrity
  • Failures
  • Job costs

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