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SiteView puts together the data you need across construction, reclamation, pipeline and facilities, empowering your staff to plan and track activities, measure performance and oversee scheduling.


Comprehensive Cost Control

Track work and costs associated to a job and charge against AFEs. More effectively plan and manage the activities and costs for lease, facility, and pipeline construction as well as environmental and water tracking.

Task List / Work Orders

Track compliance and site related items. Use the Task list to enter and track compliance checklists, to manage preventative maintenance of equipment, and to facilitate workflow.

Comprehensive Waste Disposal Tracking

Comprehensively track waste disposal. Use the workflow and data capture to properly manage this area within SiteView®.

Facility Equipment Asset Tracking

Keep an inventory of lease equipment to know what you have and where you have it. Manage surplus or excess equipment to optimize production.

Facility Operations

Track inspections, maintenance, and emissions for each piece of equipment used. Manage run time, down time, flaring and exhaust emissions, as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and failures. In SiteView you can provide any vent or flare emission profiles or compositions, including the date, the person who performed the composition, the type, and comments.

Emissions Inventory Tracking

Track emission specifications from equipment on lease, and easily capture pollutant and greenhouse gas information to track individual sites, or report on your company-wide emission inventory.

Enhanced Spills Tracking

Capture contamination and remediation data on site. To more accurately manage liability and risk, you can track multiple contamination events on site, with one or many remediation efforts for each contamination type.


Track safety meetings and visits, and report against incidents. Track lost time in man-hours against vendor, equipment, and job length—in addition to incidents and safety meetings.

Location Tracking

GPS coordinates can be used throughout the site database to track components, which can then be exported to a mapping program to visualize the location.

Schematic Tool

The Schematic Tool can be used in the field to visually represent the site. It's an intuitive and consistent way of showing locations and components that can then be stored with the other site information and display how they’ve changed over time.

Field/Head Office Sync

Field users enter data within SiteView on a remote laptop, which updates the head office database. Data entered at source is more accurate, so there is no need for head office re-keying. Online sync-up allows for quick updates and better alignment, as field and head office personnel are all looking at the same data.

Data Auditor/Spell Check

Enforce limits regarding the size and type of data that can be entered in a field. Confirm accuracy of entry, resulting in cleaner, more precise data.


Peloton's AppFrame provides comprehensive security, reporting, and graphing capabilities. A robust security model means strong data integrity. Easy graphing/reporting allows the captured data to be extracted to analyze operations and make improvements in a customized view.

Integration with WellView

Share pertinent information between WellView and SiteView. Information flows much better between the downhole drilling and surface groups. Streamlined workflow leverages the data in WellView.

Multi-Site Reporting

Create reports across multiple selected sites. For an enhanced view into overall operations, use cumulative and summary reports to compare sites that match the same criteria.

Advanced Find

Easily create queries to find sites that match one or many criteria. Quickly identify and extract specific sites within a database regardless of how many sites are present.

Consolidate End Users

Many user groups can contribute data to the master file, reducing duplication of effort and centralizing data capture so that each subsequent group builds on the efforts of the previous.

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