Peloton Operations Center

Fully Integrated Peloton Platform Solution

Peloton Operations Center – Ops Dashboard. List View.

Peloton Operations Center

The Peloton Operations Center complements our Production Data Lifecycle Solution. Consisting of the Operations Dashboard, Tasks, Forms and Emissions Management components, this data management initiative goes beyond volumetric data to include customizable workflow-based tools around field operations management.

Peloton Operations Center is a fully integrated Peloton Platform solution designed to proactively help identify issues and prioritize wells and facilities based upon the data managed in ProdView, WellView, and SiteView. Exceptions create alerts, and tasks may be scheduled and delivered to the field personnel using ProdView Go.

This collaboration tool also adds value as a Field Operations Management Tool by:

  • Enhancing field operations management.
  • Creating a collaborative environment to improve communication between head office, field office and field. personnel by assigning personnel responsibilities and communicating those to the field.
  • Directly communicating with assigned personnel from within the application.
  • Allowing customizable corporate hierarchy for targeted asset focus.
  • Identifying and prioritizing assets to focus on, based on selected variables and exceptions.
  • Creating exceptions and alerts off of user defined parameters.
  • Visualizing selected assets on a map and list view.


The Ops dashboard allows you to view and manage your operations from a centralized place. At a quick glance, you can view tasks and alerts, and you can see if production is lower or higher than average.

  • Identify and prioritize assets to focus on
  • Create user-defined exceptions and alerts
  • Track and analyze deferred production


The Tasks visualizer allows you to manage your monthly to-do list on a calendar. In the Tasks list, you can do the following:

  • View the list of tasks by date
  • Display the tasks in calendar or list format
  • Filter the list on specific items, such as type of task, status, linked item, and priority
  • Add and edit tasks
  • Set a priority level on the task
  • Specify a recurring interval, including daily, weekly, monthly, annually, or none


The Forms editor allows you to create and modify forms for filling out in the Run Sheet and ProdView Go mobile app. You can combine these forms with periodic tasks that users complete on a regular or one-time basis.

  • Create forms for operations, compliance, inspection, HS&E, ESG, etc.
  • Attach operational forms to tasks and send to the field


The Emissions tool gives you an accurate measurement of fuel, flare and vent emissions.

  • Monitor emissions in gas volume, methane equivalent (mcf, tonnes or intensity) or CO2 equivalent (tonnes and intensity)
  • Customize corporate hierarchy to target specific assets
  • Display cumulative emissions on an ESRI map
  • Capture emissions date in ProdView or ProdView Go

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