The Peloton Platform: Your Digital Twin

A digital twin is a virtual copy of a physical asset that allows for real-time communication between the physical and virtual worlds. In the energy industry, digital twins simulate scenarios to improve asset productivity, reliability, and performance. They enable proactive maintenance actions to be taken before failure occurs, resulting in cost savings.


Digital twins are a necessity in the energy industry, playing a crucial role in achieving operational excellence. At Peloton, we understand the importance of this technology and how it can transform your business. Through our innovative Platform, we empower organizations to focus on creating business value at every step of the way. By providing better integration across the entire Well Data Lifecycle, Production and Operations Data Lifecycle, Land Data Management, Renewables, and Integrity/Reliability solutions, we ensure that your operations run seamlessly and efficiently.

Well Data Lifecycle:

Encompassing workflows to support capital projects related to well and site construction through to abandonment and reclamation.

Production Data Lifecycle:

Encompassing workflows to support production data capture, field operations, surveillance, hydrocarbon accounting and regulatory reporting.


Land Data Management:

Encompassing workflows to lease acquisition, ownership history, payments, and related obligations.

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