ESG & Sustainability

Providing solutions for tracking your environmental and sustainability based initiatives

ESG & Sustainability

Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Management

An emerging topic along the entire oil and gas value chain is the move towards sustainability. 

The challenge faced by the oil and gas sector is to meet the increasing global demand for climate change action, while continuing to fuel the world’s energy demand, and working to align the behavior of financial institutions and corporations to help support this energy transformation.

The Peloton Platform incorporates industry-leading digital technologies to provide solutions to operators for managing ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), Water and Regulatory Reporting.

Peloton Platform dashboards allow your sustainability data to be tracked, integrated and displayed for visualization and analysis. 

Green House Gas (GHG) Management

The Peloton Platform provides solutions to track and meet the GHG challenges faced by operators through:

  • Gas composition analysis – track to asset and component level
  • Flow rates and volumes captured as a network and/or individual assets
  • Emission events based on location, asset, composition, and volume from source emitter
  • Proactive leak detection – fuel, flare, vent
  • Predictive emission intensity scenarios and tracking
  • Design modeling for “engineering” out problem emitters
  • Operations and maintenance optimization
  • Asset reliability and maintainability

Water Management

Peloton Water is the most comprehensive water data management system available today and is designed to improve the way the oil and gas industry records, verifies, visualizes, and reports the use of water.

The Peloton Platform provides solutions to meet the Water Management challenges faced by operators through:

  • Tracking planned vs actuals for drilling and completions operations, source water, produced water, recycled, and water disposal
  • Visual depiction of your water network, including meters, equipment and facilities
  • Capturing all of your water readings
  • Allowing data import from any electronic or SCADA device
  • Planned water vs actuals
  • Mobile field data capture


Regulatory Reporting

The Peloton Platform ensures companies are equipped to handle regulatory reporting needs by providing the tools to help manage data efficiently and accurately.
Peloton has a vast Ecosystem to further assist with our clients' regulatory reporting obligations. For a list of companies we collaborate with, visit our Peloton Ecosystem roster.
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