The Peloton Platform allows integration between WellView, SiteView, RigView, ProdView, and LandView. The integrated workflow helps streamline business processes for scheduling jobs and tracking approval processes.

  • RigView: Updates to the planned start date of jobs in the RigView® schedule are linked to dates for job tasks in WellView.
  • SiteView: In SiteView, users can view relevant well data imported from WellView. When WellView and SiteView jobs are linked, users can consolidate costs for a shared AFE. For water tracking, companies can set up water sources in SiteView and transfer consumed volumes from WellView.
  • ProdView: ProdView can share data from WellView, including general well details, zones, completions and jobs.
  • LandView: Import well information from WellView into land files, such as contracts and mineral.


Peloton supports commercial integration (built and maintained by Peloton), including WITSML static and real time imports, LAS and WellView® XML.


Peloton custom programming, third party custom programming, and client custom programming are all possible.

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