SiteView has a broad application, from surface information such as permitting, construction, reclamation and remediation through full facilities including pipeline asset tracking and management.

SiteView’s built-in field component empowers all personnel to collaborate from a common database with a complete history of changes, reducing the frustrations and losses caused by data inaccuracy and human error.


Manage projects from beginning to end with budgeted and field estimates, project plans, milestones, vendor and cost breakdowns, and multi-site rollups. SiteView's comprehensive data collection and reporting enables managers to track all surface land information, including landowners, surface lease numbers, and contact history. Missed deadlines are eliminated, as SiteView automatically tracks key dates, permits, regulatory requirements and milestones, all of which optimizes the permitting process and keeps your projects on track and in compliance.


Track all of your surface equipment with our oilfield software—from high level audits down to granular technical details. SiteView stores facts such as position, count, make, model, type, and serial number, as well as specific attribute details such as fuel usage, type of drivers, pump horsepower, and exhaust stack diameter.

You’re also empowered to track any ancillary or secondary components such as instrumentation, controls, or valves associated with a specific piece of equipment. And SiteView helps you optimize equipment usage by helping to analyze run time and down time and perform failure analysis.


  • Well data lifecycle overview: SiteView's comprehensive database tracks all site operations including construction, environmental, facilities, pipeline, waste management, and cost tracking.
  • Pipeline data tracking: You can record the complete pipeline from the high level right down to the detailed attributes associated with each segment of pipe that comprises the pipeline, from construction to abandonment.
  • Emissions tracking: Enter emission specifications for each piece of equipment and emission events to track source of truth information for a site that can be used to generate emission inventories for facilities or pipelines.
  • Materials transfer: Track material transfers to record the movement of equipment and inventory from one site to another. Facility engineers and asset managers can see when equipment was received on site, installed, removed, and sent off site giving them a full reporting history.
  • Wellsite visualization: Visualizing well sites is made easy with a data-driven site schematic that depicts surface equipment and site development at every stage of construction and operation.

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