MasterView enhances efficiency by streamlining and coordinating the collection, integration and sharing of key data and workflows between multiple software environments throughout the well lifecycle. 


The MasterView Database enables you to use expanded WellView, RigView, SiteView and ProdView data models to easily and comprehensively track more of your well and lease data.

Using the MasterView Integrator, SiteView data from construction operations can seamlessly flow to your drilling operations, and data from WellView drilling operations, such as mud information, job data, and well status, can flow back to SiteView for workflow and future reclamation/remediation operations. 

One of the keys to data integration is having a consistent set of programmer tools for reading and writing data to and from the MasterView Database.


  • Units – IO Components provide developers the ability to work with data in unit sets that are familiar (such as US Oilfield), and the confidence to know that all unit conversions will be consistent with the underlying MasterView Database rules.
  • Data Replication Rules – To ensure the continued integrity of MasterView's distributed data sync functionality, specific system fields and/or tables need to be correctly populated. Any data edited, added or deleted using the IO Components will automatically have these rules applied in a manner that is accurate and consistent with the WellView, RigView, SiteView and ProdView applications.
  • Data Relationship Rules – IO Components insulate developers from time-consuming and error-prone activities of coding for a specific DBMS.
  • Common Errors – IO Components shield developers from such nuances as the differences of floating point errors that vary by DBMS and methods for creating or editing data in each.
  • Workspace – IO Components provide a powerful workspace for buffering data from potentially one or multiple data sources. As well, they provide the tools to build otherwise difficult code and logic that will appropriately link together data for a specific entity (e.g. well or site), and then write the data and/or changes to the MasterView database in its entirety




Peloton’s MasterView Data Warehouse is a comprehensive system for securely and reliably managing a complete and up-to-date offline repository of physical and logical data.

It allows corporate-wide data reporting and analysis in a performance-enhanced manner to get the most value from your data

Peloton MasterView Data Warehouse is a key enabler to constitute a major Integrated / Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) or Data mart solution that consolidates subject data across applications.

With MasterView, you can ensure

  • Reliable accuracy of calculated values
  • Outstanding multi-well analysis performance
  • Scalable and secure database
  • Restart and recovery is easily managed
  • No additional UserID management
  • Easy integration to enterprise data warehouse

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