MasterView simplifies your operations by providing a seamless flow of data between Peloton applications and external, third-party products to enhance data integration and accuracy, provide comprehensive reporting at any stage of the lifecycle, and prevent expensive delays in construction, drilling, and resource scheduling.

MasterView enhances efficiency by streamlining and coordinating the collection, integration and sharing of key data and workflows between multiple software environments throughout the well lifecycle. As a result, it works to prevent expensive delays in construction, drilling, and resource scheduling.

As your corporate database for drilling and well operations data, MasterView offers data integration and sharing over all corporate management systems – to accomplish a seamless flow of information between Peloton applications and external products, and to generate comprehensive reports at any stage of the lifecycle. MasterView consolidates data between programs that depend on one another to give users a complete view of the well lifecycle.

To automate workflow, MasterView reconciles data between multiple software environments so that changes to one program are read, understood, and automatically integrated into other programs. Providing complete and accurate data on an on-going basis ensures that disconnected users are working with and receiving the most up-to-date project information.

MasterView is completely customizable and scalable, allowing organizations to configure the system for each group's individual needs and requirements.


  • Ensure data is where it is needed, when it is needed
  • Eliminate manual processing errors and delays
  • Customizable to your existing processes and software environment 
  • Easy to maintain
  • Integrates consistently with overall application and security architecture
  • Alerts are data event-driven and work effectively in a disconnected environment
  • Alerts and IO reduce development time and costs
  • Utilize expanded WellView, RigView, SiteView and ProdView data models to comprehensively track more of your well and lease data

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