LandView is a complete land management system that tracks every file type throughout the land process. These file types are associated with their respective well, facilities and business associates, in addition to the related files within the system. Track obligations, payments, royalties, acreage and division of interest. View this data in the title chain visualizer and reporting tools.


  • Ability to handle multiple jurisdictions, globally, specifically Canada and United States, in one system
  • Integrated contract, mineral and surface file system
  • Drawn from data title chain visualizer
  • Obligations calendar with alerts
  • Payment approval and management system
  • Project management for file review 
  • Integration with Wellview for well data
  • Ad hoc query engine with dynamic or out of the box reporting
  • Units, pooling and joint venture agreements
  • Data auditor driven by business rules for enhanced data quality
  • Event-based notification system with in-app and email notifications

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