Peloton Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of questions we commonly receive about our company, products and services.

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How long has Peloton been in business?

Peloton has been focused on delivering industry-leading software applications since 1991.

How many customers does Peloton have?

Peloton has a large client base of almost 500 clients worldwide that are seeing strong business value by using our software products.

Where are Peloton’s headquarters?

Peloton’s headquarters are located in Calgary, Canada, providing management, product development, implementation specialists, support, sales and administration Click here for all of our office locations and contact information.

Where are Peloton’s offices?

Peloton has offices and staff members in Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Beijing, Brisbane, Calgary, Denver, Dubai, Houston, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Moscow. Click here for all of our office locations and contact information.

What makes Peloton different from other software products in the industry?

  • Peloton products are based on our AppFrame technology, which is the underlying framework of our integrated well lifecycle suite of products: WellView, SiteView®, RigView® and ProdView®. AppFrame gives Peloton products a solid foundation for enterprise-level data management.
  • Each Peloton product has commercial integration with each of our other products, which greatly simplifies implementation costs and complexity.
  • Peloton’s meta-data driven architecture provides a high level of customizability while maintaining a standard database among all customers. This enables Peloton to deliver the most robust and scalable solution on the market.
  • Peloton products are simple and powerful, which not only makes them easy to learn and use but also makes them easy to maintain.
  • Peloton uses an open database architecture, so integration into your other systems and workflows can be easily facilitated.
  • Peloton leverages technology, not consultants, to reduce your total cost of ownership. Peloton is focused on creating the best software, and not relying on service fees and custom programming.

What Peloton support services are available to clients?

Peloton provides telephone, e-mail and onsite support.  Telephone or e-mail support through our help desk is intended to cover basic trouble shooting and “how to” questions that can be handled over the telephone or e-mail.  If you need enhanced support for detailed technical questions, onsite support by a Peloton Engineering Specialist, or programming for data conversions contact us here.

What are Peloton’s support coverage hours?

Clients can access Peloton’s Premium Support 24 hours a day from any location worldwide as long as you have internet access.

Peloton also has a Support Helpdesk for supporting clients worldwide. Peloton North American Support Center provides telephone and email support from 5am through 10pm MST, 365 days a year. Peloton International Support Center is available from 8am to 5pm GMT, 365 days a year. Regional Technical Support Teams can provide onsite support and training.

What type of training does Peloton offer?

Peloton provides a range of courses and custom training sessions built for the needs of your staff and systems environment. Training courses can be hosted at any one of our office locations or in-house at your training facilities, accommodating your team’s availability and operations schedule.

Peloton also offers complimentary admin training courses and power user courses in Aberdeen, Calgary, Denver, Houston, Midland, Oklahoma City and Pittsburgh. See our current training offerings.

What type of Peloton training documentation is available to clients?

  • Online Help - Each Peloton application includes an online help file.
  • Admin Guide - On Peloton’s Premium Support website, you can find a link to the Peloton AppFrame Application Administration Guide. This guide is updated regularly and is your source for the most up-to-date information on maintaining all Peloton applications.
  • Standard Training Guides – Training guides are available for each of the various work environments. You can also find links to other Peloton training guides on Peloton’s Premium Support website.
  • Custom Training Guides - Peloton can assist in the development of client-specific training guides, if requested, at an additional cost.

Does Peloton have client testimonials?

Absolutely. We have quite a few technical white papers and client case studies available here. Check out these testimonials and see how Peloton has helped our clients obtain better analysis, leading to informed decisions and overall better performance and profitability. We’re constantly adding to our collection of topics, so check out our inventory on a regular basis.

How can I get information about Peloton product news on a regular basis?

Peloton distributes newsletters two times a year with information about new product enhancements, best practices, admin tips, upcoming events, etc. to stay informed about everything happening at Peloton!

Also, Peloton Product News is available for all users of our Peloton Premium Support site. Our product managers use this forum to announce maintenance releases, and to share tips and tricks and best practices. If you would like to receive an email notification each time a new item is posted, please select the ‘subscribe’ option in the ‘My Account’ section within Peloton’s Premium Support site. We encourage you to subscribe today, to stay informed of exciting developments with Peloton products!

Does Peloton offer lunch-n-learns?

Absolutely. Peloton would be happy to provide lunch and a product demonstration topic of your choice during a lunch-n-learn at your preferred office location. Contact your account manager or inquire here to set something up.

Does Peloton offer product webinars?

Yes, Peloton offers informative complimentary webinars on best practices and business workflows on a weekly basis. See our current schedule under the Upcoming Webinars page.

Does Peloton host user conferences?

Yes, Peloton hosts an annual two-day user group conference for all clients each fall, where you will learn about exciting new enhancements within our integrated well lifecycle data management solution. Interact and share ideas with key Peloton representatives and with other WellView, RigView®, SiteView®, ProdView® and LandView® users around the world. See first-hand how clients are using Peloton applications to make better informed decisions. Check out our events schedule under News & Events for upcoming dates, and signup for our newsletter to stay informed!

Does Peloton offer Cloud services?

Yes, Peloton’s SaaS (software as a service) is now available for our AppFrame products. For more information about this service click hereLandView® is a true thin client web software product for comprehensive land management. For more information, click here.

What languages are available for Peloton’s software?

Peloton software is available in English, Russian, Spanish and Mandarin.

What is a typical implementation size for Peloton?

Peloton has implemented clients as small as one or two licenses to clients that have well over 1000 users.

Can Peloton handle data migration from legacy systems?

Peloton has over 10 years’ experience migrating data from other applications. This experience has allowed us to develop tools and methods to ensure successful, cost efficient results.

Is Peloton’s software configurable?

By design, Peloton’s products can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Our consultants are available to work with you to provide direction on how to best tailor our software solutions to fit with your current business processes. Configuration can be handled by your administration team with the provided application toolset.

Can Peloton’s software be integrated to third party software solutions?

Peloton uses an open database architecture, so integration into your other systems and workflows can be easily facilitated directly by your development team with the provided Software Development Kit (SDK), or by contacting our customer support team here.

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