Peloton SaaS

About Peloton SAAS

Peloton SaaS (Software as a Service) is a managed service for Peloton’s applications (WellView, SiteView, RigView, ProdView and LandView). Peloton hosts the applications and data on its secure and backed up servers, and users gain access using a web browser. No need for a client application installed on their machines. If users are on the move or have an unreliable internet connection, disconnected/sync access is also available.

Users seamlessly receive updates, upgrades and new functionality as soon as they are available.

With Peloton SaaS, you have:

  • Availability of your Peloton applications
  • User access through a web browser
  • Disconnected access as needed
  • Automated distribution of reports
  • Automated 3rd party imports
  • APIs and direct database connection
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Peloton SaaS (Software as a Service) allows you to deliver new capabilities, lower the costs of your IT and access your Peloton applications from any location—at small risk to you. Discover the advantages for your organization.

Easy to Use

Peloton SaaS is simple to access and easy to use. If users can grasp other common web-based applications, they can log into Peloton SaaS.


Our web access is a 100% browser-based solution using HTML5. Users can access the software from any location as long as a reliable internet connection is available.

With our browser-based system, there is no local footprint. No need to install software on client machines.

Cost Effective

Peloton and Microsoft Azure provide the infrastructure, so you don’t have to cover the costs for hardware, software, updates, backups and data center operations. A SaaS solution reduces the burden on your technical staff, freeing them for other tasks.

Costs are predictable and can be included as operational expenses.

Scalable and Configurable

Peloton SaaS scales as your business grows.

Configuration options allow you to extend the application without changing the data structure or underlying code. You can tailor business processes to meet individual needs, but updates do not cause a major impact.

Immediate Application Updates

All application updates and major upgrades are tested and handled for you, so you are always working with the latest and greatest new features. Updates are fast and transparent to users. Your team has instant access to new features so they can make better, more informed decisions.

Disconnected Access

If your users do not have web access at remote locations, you can install the applications locally. Peloton provides the installation and login information, and your users are ready to go. Once users have an internet connection, they can synchronize the data and receive application updates.

Secure Access to Data

Customers requiring access to their data outside of Peloton’s application can gain access to this data using a secure web service API.

If you need direct access to the data stored within Peloton’s SaaS for data analysis, Peloton can provide a secure database connection.

Local Printing

You can print your reports, schematics or schedules directly to a local printer at no extra charge.

Automated Report Distribution

Use the existing report templates from Peloton applications. Automatically deliver reports to your users’ inboxes.

3rd Party Automation

An automated process imports data from third parties (such as SCADA or WITSML) into Peloton SaaS.

We Are Here For You, Wherever You Are

Reach out to one of our twelve offices around the globe to access immediate support, to get information, or to speak with our international helpdesk.