Peloton RAM


Peloton RAM offers the most advanced Flow Allocation System that a) finds the best solution for optimizing discharge point without the need to input excessive amount of parameters, and b) uses Advanced Blaming to identify which failure(s) that are causing downtime.



Miriam RAM Studio is the only solution that offers on-the-fly simulations and event playback for live tracing and detection of errors in the models.



Miriam RAM Studio encourages complex modelling with unlimited number of entry/discharge points, process stages, items, flow products, and combination of products.



Peloton RAM is only RAM tool delivering the powercollaboration abilities, and high frequency of updates allowed by operating in the Cloud.


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The Peloton Platform

Accessible anywhere, anytime

The SaaS-based Peloton Platform allows oil and gas operators to view and manage vital operational data across three solution areas integrated into one fully hosted platform. Developed in partnership with Microsoft's Azure technology, this customizable platform delivers a seamless user experience to help organizations achieve maximum value from Well Data Lifecycle, Production Data Lifecycle, and Land Data Management Solutions.

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