Peloton Water

Peloton Water

Peloton Water provides water data management for oil and gas companies. Upstream, midstream or downstream, Peloton Water is built on industry-leading technology used by almost 500 operators around the world. 

Track the surface activity of water movements from orginal source to operational sites through to recycling and disposal. Peloton Water provides an integrated solution for water data management from field data capture on a mobile device to integration with key third party office applications.


Key Features:

  • Visual depiction of your water network, including meters, equipment and facilities
  • Capture of all your water readings
  • Data import from any electronic or SCADA device
  • Planned water vs. actuals
  • Mobile field data capture


  • Consistent and consolidated water data management for cost tracking and regulatory compliance
  • Accurate plan of water needs
  • Historical analysis on actual water use to reduce expenses and increase cash flow
  • Integrated data audit and quality control
  • Peloton SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution
  • Spreadsheet or run sheet style data entry (route based)
  • Smart phone, tablet or laptop data entry

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