Mineral Management Software

Easy navigation and data entry

All file information is displayed in one continuous scrolling page for easy consumption with the ability to hyperlink to a section from the sidebar. Data entry is guided through intelligent data entry forms that only display required fields for ease of use.

Title Chain Visualizer

Finally a way to see how your interest changes over time. From complex US mineral interests to intricate Canadian contracts, you can see your current interest position, historical interest and all events in between.

Context driven navigation screen

Easily see upcoming obligations, recently opened files and projects where you have files signed out, as well as a quick query bar.

Comprehensive query engine

Dynamically build queries by layering filter criteria. Save these queries to be run again for reporting or copy the results out to Excel for additional analysis. Choose your display columns for instant output or choose from one of the predefined out of the box reports to print.

Acreage Reporting

Easily flag acreage within tracts or splits for accurate acreage reporting—no more double counting acreage for management reports.

Ability for Mass Updates

Use the mass update utitility to update data, such as assignment of interest, across files or Business Associates. View these changes dynamically in the title chain visualizer.

Integrate with WellView

Import your well list directly from WellView and keep that data up to date as it changes in WellView. The imported well status can impact your developed and producing acreage calculations.

Integrated file agreement system

Easily cross reference all possible related files; for example, relate your contracts with your mineral leases. You also have the ability to link your related wells and facilities to any split or tract.

Project Management

Assign files to a project for analysis, whether it be for a data quality review, title chain analysis, preparation for divestiture or rental review, etc. Track the status of the project and of each file within the project to determine percent complete to date and expected completion date, to name a few metrics.

Programmable API for Integration

Use our available API to integrate to any third party system such as your accounting or AFE system.

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