Pason - WellView Field Solution

Pason-WellView Field Solution is a drilling data collection and reporting system deployed as an integrated addition to the Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR). Pason-WellView Field Solution facilitates one-time data collection and, because it uses the existing Pason equipment, eliminates the need to mobilize extra hardware, software or communications equipment. 

All data is displayed in standard forms on Pason's web-based Internet DataHub, which provides a convenient and inexpensive mechanism to collect, store and distribute wellsite data from the field.

This solution is the product of a partnership between Pason and Peloton to provide a unique blend of Pason's EDR with Peloton's WellView.

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Data Entry
Tour Sheet information is directly imported into WellView; eliminating time spent re-keying information and maintaining data integrity. Pason is currently investigating the possibility of importing data from other wellsite service companies.

We built WellView to be extremely user-friendly by design. Pason utilizes its field presence and skilled technical support centre to fulfill the minimal training requirements, ensuring your staff can comfortably and effectively make the most of your software.

There is no need to mobilize additional laptops and communications hardware. Pason-WellView Field Solution is installed on a Windows-based workstation complete with Microsoft Office.

Affordable satellite communications reliably facilitate high-speed data transfer from the drilling site to the office on a secure website.
Operators, partners, and service contractors from any location can retrieve information with Internet access to the Pason secure DataHub.

One Call Support
Pason staffs a 24/7 toll-free technical support centre to provide customers with timely advice and expert assistance with any hardware, software, communication, or user issues. Pason's technical support can securely view the same screen that the user is working on, in real-time.

A nominal day rate is applied to AFEs, thereby eliminating the overhead of carrying field licenses. Rental computers are no longer required, and satellite broadband communication eliminates by-the-minute communications charges.